Chicago Nightlife

Board Room

343 W. Erie St. Chicago, IL 60654
(312) 972-9882

Chicago Nightlife: This boutique nightclub brings a Vegas and Manhattan ambiance to the Chicago nightlife scene. With a fun dance floor and famous DJ’s frequently playing, this club frees visitors to do one thing: have fun.

The design of the club’s multi-level seating grants those seated at one of its ten tables a voyeuristic view of the entire space including direct sightlines into the DJ booth as well as the rain showers incorporated into the bottle display showcasing performers dressed as scandalous executives.

hurchill Downs, KY

308 West Erie Street Chicago, IL 60654
(312) 202-9221

Chicago Nightlife: Cuvee is a term that refers to the most luxurious selection used from the premiere champagnes of France. As the name suggests, every element of this upscale lounge was carefully selected to provide an intimate, yet exciting, setting.

As a stomping ground for young professionals, Cuvee creates an ultra-hip place to sip on champagne and mingle with pretty people.


220 W. Chicago Ave. Chicago, IL 60610
(312) 654-0234

Chicago Nightlife: Enclave is a colorful and exciting nightclub just minutes from the Magnificent Mile. The multi-level club canvasses 15,000-square feet with four bars, dance floors, and lounge seating scattered throughout the interior.

A DJ booth sits on top of a stage in the middle of several VIP booths, and the sea of dancing people, fine art, and plush fabrics below provides for an exceptional evening whether you watch from above or get down in the middle of it all.executives.

hurchill Downs, KY

642 N Clark St. Chicago, IL 60610

Chicago Nightlife: Evocative of the lavish, turn-of-the-century estates that dominated the Chicago suburbs, the décor at Manor also employs contemporary high design. Manor is a pretty even split between club and lounge, with areas for dancing and plenty of dark wood-accented seating to be found.

Manor weighs in at 4,200-square-feet so there’s plenty of room to do whatever you’re in the mood for on any given evening. Be sure to arrive early to allow ample time to explore some of the clandestine details of the venue.

The Aviary

W Fulton St & N Morgan St
Chicago, IL 60607

Chicago Nightlife: Home to some of the best and most imaginative cocktails in the world, The Aviary is more than your regular bar or lounge, it’s an experience in drinking that delivers unique beverages through interactive means. From elaborate containers, sensory experiences and drinks like In The Rocks, where you have to use a tiny slingshot to break open an ice ball to get to the beverage, every cocktail at The aviary is truly a masterpiece to behold.