Conviction Has Led to Success

THIS ISSUE IS NOT NORMAL. It’s more interesting than normal. But before diving into this edition, let’s address what is happening in our country. It’s truly sad. I encourage all who believe in Jesus to focus on prayer, love, and discovering ways to come together. Although we need to be bold in standing up for our God-given rights, we should keep in mind that our liberty requires responsibility to make decisions that benefit our fellow man. The shootings are becoming more frequent, and maybe we need to rethink some of what we include in that statement: our “God-given rights.” I don’t believe that includes taking random lives.

Okay, now let’s explore the content of our Special Edition. We’ve got an iconic legend for our cover,
Salli Richardson Whitfield. Yes, we spent the day with the one and only Salli Richardson Whitfield at the SOFITEL at Beverly Hills. I found Mrs. Richardson to be captivating, friendly, laid back, and super cool during our shoot.
She is a triple threat: smart, talented, and beautiful.

Elsewhere in the issue, we take time to celebrate the media maven Cathy Hughes. Monarch had the pleasure of capturing her star-studded celebration in Baha Mar, Nassau, Bahamas.
On top of this, we have the best locations to visit and the style you should adopt when doing so. So as you flip through, take in everything this issue has to offer and enjoy!