Hip Hop: Spring 2024

Monarch HipHop Recommendations

We Still Don’t Trust You

We Still Don’t Trust You by Future and Metro Boomin is a potent collaboration that delivers on its promise of trap excellence. With Metro Boomin’s masterful production laying the foundation, Future’s signature flow and hypnotic delivery shine throughout the album. From hard-hitting beats to introspective lyrics, each track captures the essence of modern trap music while pushing boundaries with innovative soundscapes. The chemistry between Future and Metro Boomin is palpable, resulting in a cohesive and immersive listening experience. We Still Don’t Trust You cements their status as trailblazers in the genre, leaving fans eagerly anticipating future collaborations from this dynamic duo.

Child With Wolves

Child with Wolves by Baby Keem is a bold and dynamic debut album that showcases the artist’s versatility and creativity. With its eclectic mix of trap beats, melodic hooks, and introspective lyrics, each track offers a glimpse into Keem’s unique perspective on life, love, and success. From infectious anthems to introspective ballads, the album’s diverse range of sounds keeps listeners engaged from start to finish. Keem’s confident delivery and clever wordplay add depth and authenticity to every song, making Child with Wolves a standout release in the contemporary hip-hop landscape. This album solidifies Baby Keem as a rising star to watch in the industry.

Blue Lips

Blue Lips by ScHoolboy Q is a raw and introspective journey through the artist’s psyche. Each track delves deep into themes of struggle, redemption, and self-discovery, with Q’s gritty delivery bringing authenticity to every lyric. The album’s production is equally compelling, with atmospheric beats and haunting melodies that underscore the emotional weight of the lyrics. From introspective ballads to hard-hitting bangers, Blue Lips offers a diverse range of sonic experiences that keep listeners engaged from start to finish. ScHoolboy Q’s latest release is a testament to his evolution as an artist and solidifies his place in the pantheon of modern hip-hop.

Vultures 2

Vultures by Kanye West and Ty Dolla $ign is a mesmerizing collaboration that showcases the best of both artists’ talents. The album effortlessly melds Kanye’s visionary production with Ty Dolla $ign’s smooth vocals, resulting in an immersive and captivating listening experience. From infectious hooks to introspective lyrics, each track on Vultures 2 offers something unique, yet the cohesive sound ties the album together seamlessly. With its dynamic beats and soulful melodies, this project pushes the boundaries of contemporary hip-hop and R&B. Vultures 2 is a testament to the creative prowess of Kanye West and Ty Dolla $ign, leaving listeners eager for more.

World Wide Whack

World Wide Whack by Tierra Whack is a genre-defying masterpiece that pushes the boundaries of creativity and innovation. With each track, Whack showcases her unparalleled talent as both a rapper and a vocalist, effortlessly switching between styles and delivering thought-provoking lyrics. The album’s production is equally impressive, with diverse beats and sonic landscapes that captivate the listener from start to finish. Whack’s ability to seamlessly blend humor, vulnerability, and social commentary makes World Wide Whack a compelling and deeply satisfying listen. It’s a testament to her artistry and a bold statement that solidifies her as one of the most exciting voices in hip-hop today.