NEW EDITION: 25 Years of Greatness

Decades Of Music 

by Naomi A. Burrell

The wildly famous male R&B group of the ’80s, ’90s and 2000s ushered in a new era of male band phenomenon with unforgettable hits like “Candy Girl,” Mr. Telephone Man,” and “Can You Stand The Rain”!

New Edition is one of the most influential groups bridging the gap between the forms R&B and hip-hop. They have not only been consistent and a staple within music and lifestyle culture. Outlasting others and outliving trends their reach and influence extends throughout decades.

Numerous albums extending form group to solo success paving the way for superstars such as Boyz II Men, Usher, Chris Brown, Jodeci, Jagged Edge, New Kids On The Block, and countless others.

Always imitated but never duplicated New Edition is a one of kind with a fan base that’s just as dedicated to them as they are to the music.

Finally they have taken their amazing story and brought it to life for all of us who lived it with them, but informing those who influenced the influencers.

With the upcoming release of the New Edition biopic, Monarch had the opportunity to discuss with each member their careers and opinion of the project, and the future of New Edition.

Always defying the odds.

From top of the teen charts to adult contemporary

Ladies and Gentleman we present the iconic & influential NEW EDITION!

Bobby Brown

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Johnny Gill

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Ronnie Devoe

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Ricky Bell

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Michael Bivins

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Ralph Tresvant

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