Platea Madrid

Platea, one of the most unique gourmet leisure centers in the world, surprises and amazes everyone who enters. Each day is a new experience, each day a unique moment, each plan a different visit. An old movie house has been transformed into six exquisite restaurants, all housed under the same roof.

Serving up the very definition of gastronomic freedom, Platea is known for its many styles of national and international cuisine, cocktails, and sweets, making it a must-stop for everyone who visits Madrid.
Exclusive but not exclusionary, this epicurean temple awakens the senses of its guests with all the luxury of the most exquisite culinary offerings in the world.

Similar in concept to Madrid’s iconic San Miguel Market, Platea’s 65,000 square feet are dedicated to the creations of three internationally renowned Spanish chefs: Pepe Solla, Marcos Morán, and Paco Roncero. Visitors enjoy traditional recipes such as the fabada—Morán’s star dish (Casa Gerardo, Asturias)—as well as a small market for take-home gourmet products.

The informal dining area dishes out meals including potato omelets, croquettes, oysters, octopus, salads, sandwiches, grilled meats, hamburgers, rice, and vegetables. One section is dedicated to current and timeless flavors, and four others focus on international cuisine: Peruvian, led by Kiko Zeballos (Viru, Madrid) according to his “street version: eating with the hands”; Mexican, from the expert hands of Alex de la Fuente; pizzas and pasta “like they are eaten in Italy,” thanks to Ranieri Casalini, and Chinese and Japanese cuisines by Rafael Sánchez (Grupo Shikku). In the cocktail bar on the second floor, amphitheater guests are privy to exceptional libations from some of the best bartenders in the city as well as a spectacular panoramic view of the entire venue.

Pastry chef Alejandro Montes, of Mama Framboise in Madrid, leads Platea Dulce, where he presents “high quality materials, clean flavors and new products” in an atmosphere “where the elderly become young and the young dream.”

This is Platea Madrid, one of the greatest culinary offerings in the Spanish capital, accompanied by music, performing arts, culinary shows, readings, wine tastings and cabaret performances. This innovative and exclusive space is sure to become a global reference point for diverse luxury gastronomic experiences!

El Foso, the lower level, features international plates from countries including Italy, Mexico, Peru, Japan, and China. You can order from any and all of the stations to enjoy a truly global experience. In this very special place you’ll find risottos, traditional “spoon” dishes, charcoal-grilled meats, hamburgers, and eco-friendly chicken. El Foso is also known for its exceptional versions of the hen ají, Yucatán-styled parrotxa, sashimi, dim sum, supllis, and focaccia.
El Patio, a tapas restaurant on the ground floor, is the main attraction. The grand mezzanine showcases cocktail, wine, and vermouth bars on one side, and a superb selection of pintxos and tapas across the floor, including some of the best jamón in the country. A variety of eateries represent the best of Spanish gastronomy: croquettes and homemade tortillas; pintxos, tempura, salads, and sandwiches; and flavors of the sea including oysters and octopus.

On the first floor you’ll find “Canalla,” the restaurant of Michelin star chef Ricard Camarena. This is a kitchen without rules, which offers a trip around the world through its flavors.

Canalla Bistro Madrid is eclectic, genuine, fun, casual, and provocative, while respecting the intense and defined flavors that come from local, in-season, high-quality ingredients.

Arriba is the first floor’s sole restaurant by Ramón Freixá, one Spain’s top chefs. The theme of the menu is traditional meets avant-garde, and diners enjoy a view of El Patio below.

Above Arriba, also with a view of El Patio, is El Palco on the second floor. Up here you can choose from an almost overwhelming variety of over 1,000 drinks. The atmosphere is perfect for a post-meal drink or two.
And finally, on the third floor, El Club is Platea’s best-kept secret. With an intimate ambiance, this private club is designed for exclusive events.

“Across Plaza de Colón in Madrid’s affluent Salamanca neighborhood, Platea Madrid takes the prize for the capital’s culinary paradise.”

Calle de Goya, 5-7
28001  Madrid