Quarantine Love Lock Down

COVID-19 Virus Changes The Dating Experience

Arianne N. Rowe
Director of Collegiate Social Engagement at Noir Love
(Black Professional Networking, Friendship and Dating Community)

The coronavirus pandemic has the world rethinking many of its social practices. Large events, huge gathering spaces and even everyday locations like the movie theater or the mall will be shut down for the indefinitely. For those who went into social distancing with a significant other, quarantining is a whole different ball game. But for those of us who are still looking for our quarantine partner, how can we keep our dating life going during this? How will our dating life change going forward?

Honestly, I don’t think that dating during coronavirus is any better or worse than dating before all of this. Relationships take negotiation. Social distancing and other practices we are doing to keep ourselves safe are just other forms of that—negotiating. And for those of us who are currently single, there is also an act of negotiating with yourself. Are you going to open yourself up to fostering connections during this stressful time?

Others certainly are. Dating apps like OkCupid, Hinge, Bumble and The League have seen skyrocketing amounts of in-app messaging, video chats, and have even launched live speed-dating platforms so you can meet even more people. We all have our hang-ups about internet dating, but honestly when we think about it, the concept behind it, especially during the COVID-19 outbreak isn’t something new. If we think way back before the age of hookup culture, people had long stages of conversations and courtship even before their first kiss. The new nature of dating during this pandemic is forcing us to re-evaluate the steps we take in our dating process, and to take a step back and focus on real, meaningful connections.

COVID-19 is scary. But honestly, sometimes dating can be just as daunting. So if you decide to put yourself out there, and take the plunge into the online world of dating during coronavirus here are some tips on how to catch your very own quarantine partner:

• Go in with an open mindset. You never know what you might find. At the same time, don’t think it’s the end of the world if things do not work out. There are so many other people waiting to meet you!
• Always bring your authenticity into a conversation. Yes, with video chats looks are important, but what’s most critical is to be your true self.
• Stay on top of your connections. When you fall into a routine of doing the same things every day (as I know a lot of us are during social distancing), keeping in touch with your connections can be a great way to spice up your day. Whether it’s a quick message or a comment on social media, let them know you’re thinking of them.
• Let your intellect shine. If there’s something you’re passionate about or know a lot about let your connection know. In a time where we’re most likely doing the same things every day, learning about something new can be totally refreshing.
• Know yourself, know your worth. If the conversations are going well, great! If you’re not feeling your connection, or you’re not getting the same energy that you’re putting in—move on. Plenty of other fish in the sea.
• Lastly, have FUN with it. Quarantine has come with feelings of isolation and boredom. While dating can sometimes be a bit stressful, it’s always nice to just meet and chat with new people.