Theo Hackney – Creative Director Designer Sportswear

City: New York

The road to Theo Hackney’s premiere collection launch for fall and winter 2010 entitled, “The New Frontieri” started more than eight years ago. Its’ evolution began to emerge and develop as a start-up. From 1988 through 1997 Hackney held a number of retail administrative management positions, starting with a four-year career at Saks Fifth Avenue where upon completion of the management training program he became actively involved in most areas of strategic planning and allocation of designer merchandise.

In 1993 he went on to participate in one of Bloomingdale’s high profile selling revitalization programs. His key role involved building and reshaping client customer awareness through initiatives geared to create a more shopper friendly environment. For his effectiveness in helping to create sales incentives that resulted in a sales increase during the first quarter he was awarded “The Certificate of Appreciation.” In addition, Hackney was involved with several projects with Bloomingdales’ “At Your Service” personal shopping services.

That influence lead to a career transition into design and development leading to opportunities with companies such as Ralph Lauren, Polo Jeans, Polo Sport, Ralph Lauren Purple Label, Talbot’s, Victoria’s Secret, Calvin Klein Inc. and Calvin Klein Jeans Warnaco. In 1998 Theo Court nay New York was conceptualized and The Design Group was incorporated to oversee the operations and branding of Theo Court nay New York Designer Sportswear and Theo Court nay Collection.

Hackney attended Bernard M. Baruch College in New York City and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in finance management.