Wendy Pittman – Let Girls Be Girls

City: Washington DC

By Tiffany E. Browne

A bougie clothing line that aims to have our girls looking and feeling their best.

As a child of the 70s, Wendy Pittman grew up in a time when girls could wear the same Dungarees as boys and get away with it. Girls were able to roll up their sleeves and tackle the elements of outdoors without the worry about being dainty as a porcelain doll or looking like a miniature pin up model. Clothing options included more primary colors, less pink and hardly any frills.

The Lousia, Virginia native is now a woman in her forties with her own daughter and finding it difficult to find practical and appropriate clothing for her daughter. Everything seems to fall into one of three extremes; too pink and frilly, too sexual, or licensed characters: think Disney and Nickelodeon on over drive.

At the urging of friends, Pittman created an alternative using her savvy business and marketing background. My Bougie Baby is a clothing and accessory line that offers suitable wear for girls ages four to fourteen. Pittman’s line offers a mix of tones and textures. Styles reflect a Euro vintage and chic look with dramatic stripe patterns, basic and asymmetrical cuts and soft, basic hues that play around with accent colors.

Launched a year ago, Pittman’s line has already been well received. There has been a sighting of Halle Berry’s little Nahla in a My Bougie Baby reversible dress and R&B sensation Chris Brown prominently features My Bougie Baby on his Web site. Yet, if you asked Pittman about her initial goal for her line, she would have never conceived her mission as bigger than dressing our girls appropriately.

“It’s funny because before the company, my friends and family would call me up to invite me to different events,” she explains. “We would tease each other with ‘are you bringing your bougie baby?’ and laugh/”
This fall expect to see bougie babies in more colors, some sparkles and faux furs. Parents can rest assure that their girls’ wardrobe is in good hands. Pittman has them covered.

To shop My Bougie Baby clothing visit www.mybougiebaby.com.